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Raymond Devadass

Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

Creating Opportunity Through Constant Change

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary!  Looking back, and looking forward, when thinking of the contact centre industry in Malaysia, two words come to mind – Change and Opportunity.

We were formed in 1999 to represent organisations and individuals who are involved in the business of looking after customers.  In the last 20 years, there has been a major shift in the experience that the industry delivers.  It has shifted from traditional call centre operations to omni-channel customer engagement.  It has shifted from being customer servicing centres to customer experience centres.

Today however, the global CX industry is undergoing a major revolution as a result of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.  The pace of change is accelerating, fuelled by technology and changes in customer expectations.  These new disruptive technologies are forcing us to re-think the way CX activities operate.

The contact centre industry in Malaysia comprises of 230 companies, employing 53,544 people, and generates a total revenue USD2.5 billion per annum. The impact of these new and disruptive technologies presents a huge opportunity for Malaysia’s CX workforce to capitalise on.  We have the opportunity to upskill into higher value roles – roles where complex customer interaction meets technology, resulting in enrichment of customer services and customer experiences. When we do this right, we have the opportunity to strengthen Malaysia’s position as the location of choice for companies looking to expand or establish new contact centres.

The question beckons as to how will we take advantage of those opportunities, for everyone who works in the industry – from those who work in the contact centres through to organisations with contact centres and to Malaysia? How can we grow careers, grow organisations, grow profits, and grow Malaysia?

I believe that we can achieve this through inclusivity. We have to put our minds together to understand the past and what to expect of this digital future.  We need to start the thinking and strategizing to make this real.  We can learn and bring the past, present and future together in a journey that would ‘redefine the CX industry’ for Malaysia.

With this is mind, this year’s edition of our annual flagship event, the CX Summit, has been crafted to focus on the theme “CX – Engage, Elevate, Excel”.  Our conversations will centre around CX Design, Service Excellence and Innovative Thinking in the digital era.

This will be our 5th edition of the CX Summit, a series that started in 2015.  We began with just over a hundred participants and have since grown to cater for over 400 participants, with audiences from around the region, across multiple industry verticals and beyond contact centre leaders.  This year’s event promises even more scintillating conversations with key industry influencers from around the globe.

So, be there!  I look forward to seeing all of you at the CX Summit, playing a significant role in our journey to move Forward Together.

Vigneswaran Sivalingam

Organising Chairperson, CX Summit 2019
Deputy President at CCAM

The CX Summit by CCAM enters its 5th year with strong following and good traction as a premier CX business engagement that is relevant to the needs of the day. Known for rich content and a very interactive set-up, the annual CX summit sessions have become a useful inspiration for business leaders to plan their strategies & solutions for the immediate year ahead.

If in the past, the focus was to create & raise awareness of customer experience for our members & associates but now, we are moving forward to drive towards CX excellence – networking, sharing and learning for the best within the region. From discussing the possibilities within customer experience, the Summit moves ahead to explore what’s next from CX within the larger APAC region.

We have chosen the theme “Customer Experience – Engage, Elevate, Excel” for CX Summit 2019 recognizing the diverse audience who come from different levels of CX maturity and bring rich content on CX that covers the full extent of design, development & delivery towards the mentioned theme. CX Summit 2019 will bring together some of the finest global thought-leadership in CX Design Thinking, Service Excellence and Innovation while assembling together real case studies & experiences that will shows some fine work that has elevated to great customer experience outcomes.

CX has progressed to be deeply rooted in every good organization’s strategy, plans, culture and key initiatives. It is great to observe that CX has become the key driver for businesses in the APAC/ASEAN space and the anchor for critical transformation programs in the leading companies in this part of the world now – that covers Digitalization, Employee Experience, Customer Loyalty and Revenue Generation initiatives.

These are indeed interesting times; the Experience economy is in full swing but the question that remains is whether all businesses are rising to meet the demands of the day. CX Summit is here to help close those gaps and elevate the overall economy upwards.

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