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Monir Azzouzi

Vice President, People Experience & People Relations at Go-Jek

Monir has extensive experience in digital & culture transformation as well as organizational development. Before venturing into HR, he developed his entrepreneurial spirit by starting up departments and companies in and outside the digital world. He’s been holding senior leadership roles in Europe and Asia.

He has deep knowledge in developing frameworks to drive digital transformation through employee experience, change of mindsets, leadership and culture.

He has an ability to find problems, innovative solutions and implement them with his unique balance of strategic thinking and ability to execute. He’s applying his leadership experience from HR, Business Development as well as Sales & Marketing to drive the digital agenda for the companies he’s working for.

In Go-Jek he’s heading the people partner function for all tech people in Indonesia and looking at how to transition the HR function according to Go-Jek’s massive growth in the region. In Maxis, he was heading Performance Management, Organisational Development as well as Employee Experience. His experience in fast paced digital companies makes him play a critical role in transforming HR departments from a conventional units to one that adds real value to the business by focusing on digitalization, employee experience, leadership and preparing people and the organisation for the digital age.

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