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Vigneswaran Sivalingam

An inside into CX Summit 2018 by the Chairperson of CX Summit 2018

After the resounding success of last year’s Summit, the bar has been raised up for CX Summit 2018.

Being the 4th edition in it’s short history, the CX Summit by CCAM has been growing in all aspects, including participation, thought-leadership and the quality of content. Our design remains to the core that the Summit will be planned to cater for an industry user & practitioner– based on open and in-depth sharing; both in what works and what does not.

We are proud to continue that spirit for 2018.

CX is a game-changer to all the businesses today – from having heard that CX is the new MARKETING to CX being the enhanced & end-to-end customer service management; CX is surely the business strategy that is being most talked about. With the industry revolution 4.0 sweeping through and digitalization agenda building up all across from start-up business models to large corporates to government and global collaborations; the CX agenda remains firmly in the core by driving the design thinking to the delivery system all across the ecosystem. CX is embedded into the whole organizational design & thinking that ranges from channels, employees, agencies/dealers, technology, business processes, products, communications and to branding.

CX Summit 2018 will examine the whole works and make it the best in it’s growing series. With top-notch thought-leaders led by Ron Kaufman (the Global No.1 Ranked Customer Service Guru 2018), we expect a rewarding experience for all delegates, sponsors and contributors. By having a refreshed agenda with “CX Connections” and  “CX Best” added to the “Meeting of Minds” workshop agenda, we have a truly engaging session in store – and as a bonus we are arranging for the highly demanded Global CX Benchmarking Report 2018 (by Dimension Data) and the Digital IQ study (by PwC).

Come and make CX Summit 2018 a memorable event, one that inspires your work into 2019-2020.

Vigneswaran Sivalingam
Chairperson and Org-Chair of CX Summit 2018


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