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A prism is known to separate the light that passes through it into different colours.

Similarly, in today’s businesses, that same role of the prism is acted upon by Customer Experience (CX) to propel and uplift brands & businesses to deliver that color and appeal in the market place. Customer Experience can communicate the brand values, making the needed impressions and in the process to help consumers make that choice!

The Asia Pacific region is fast maturing and accepting Customer Experience as a strong business model. It is clearly understood that superior customer experience raises the qualitative aspects of the brand and drives business growth (through both recommendations and repeat purchases) as well. It is no longer is a fad but an everyday talking point in every good organization and for every aspiring one too.

Despite the high acceptance of the CX concepts across the board, there is still much struggle in having them implemented & delivered – the enterprise-wide approach to include brand, product, channels and service into the overall CX framework can be better. Whilst the aim is there, the ability to put the concepts into action is somehow not always there. Organizations are dealing with some pertinent enterprise issues in digitalization, people & culture as well as organization structures of marketing & distribution – and as digitalization brings much possibilities across every country & market in APAC, the maturity in leadership, strategy and investments is growing in tandem to optimize these into values for the end-user, for greater customer experience.

The great stories and myth of Disney, Ritz-Carlton and Zappos are still an aspiration to many in this region.

Hence, many discussions continue in the following form:-

  • Who owns Customer Experience in the company?
  • What goes into the business case of a typical CX type initiative?
  • How do we present a good ROI?
  • How do we make these digital related decisions to operationalize customer experience?
  • Where do we start? Culture? Mind-set? Business Processes? Tools & Application? Skills?
  • Do we know our customers? Insights? Do we apply data science enough?
  • Where does Industry 4.0 take us to?

Event Facts

Coming together of experts & participants to take a critical view of CX in APAC/ASEAN, taking considerations of the digital age & sharing “What’s Next”
Opportunity for CCAM to continue to connect the larger industry views in follow up to the previous 3 Summits and a growing following.
Expected to have up to 400 delegates.
Attendees to be Experts, Leaders & Decision Makers from both end-user, business practitioners and solution providers.
Event is open to both members and non-members of CCAM (for both attendance as well as partnerships)
Estimated 80% of speakers & panellist are to be experts & thought leaders sharing best practices, experience and future works
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