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Lau Yin May

Head, Customer Experience
Malaysia Airlines

An accountant by education, Lau Yin May started as an auditor but soon realized that her passions lies beyond accounting. She switched her career to management consulting with Accenture, focusing in strategic management and organizational behavior and restructuring. After few intensive years in consultancy, she then explored the other end of the spectrum and jumped into the world of marketing, advertising and media. This came as she saw that the success of any business or organization is not just dependent on the strategic direction and effective management of the business internally, but more so determined by the CUSTOMERS who believe in the business. The ability of a business to firstly identify its customers and understanding its customers profile, followed by the agility of a business to capture its customers’ trust and confidence would eventually set the path towards sustainability of the business in the longer run.

Armed with the focus on customers, she applied the same discipline in her ventures into various industries – ranging from turning around the national airlines in 2005, to setting up a new airline in 2007 which expended to setting up a travel agency arm. She also had the opportunities to lead turnaround programmes in banks, a prominent education group and the longest serving retail pharmacy group in the country. These ventures fueled her discipline of the importance of customers as the center of gravity in any business. But her background in accounting sets the foundation to ensure that whilst capturing customers is key, all efforts should and must eventually bring about positive impact to the bottomline of the business. The aim is not just to master the skills to attract and retain customers but to turn them into advocates for the business, that will contribute to the growth and sustainability of the business.

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