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Senior Partner & APAC
Managing Director

An Asian business leader with a keen interest in future trends and business model innovation. I am passionate about working with people, organizations and the wider community to help them achieve their potential and make a difference.  I have a good grasp of technology and how we can leverage it to drive exponential impact in our business and careers.

I started my career as a telecoms analyst with Frost & Sullivan, a global consulting firm in Mumbai, India.  I joined as one of the founding members in the Asia Pacific region. This journey has helped me develop a deep understanding of the diversity in Asian business, and all its contextual variations and formulation.  I have been privileged to see the company grow its presence across 13 countries and over 1000 employees in this region.

Being around clients from leading multinational companies, regulators and government bodies, I have often observed business innovation getting stifled because conventional wisdom is seldom challenged. I have often been asked – how can organizations use innovation in business models to prepare for the future? How does one discover that change? Answers are not easy but they are worth studying and learning about. I am a constant learner. Start-ups have often answered many of these questions better than established companies. Being an angel investor has helped me develop an up-close view on what makes them succeed.

Although I am a Telecom analyst at heart, I study innovation and future trends across industries and share my understanding and knowledge on various forums through invited speaking engagements and media appearances. These days I am studying about leadership and what does it take to be effective as a leader.

I am very passionate about public speaking.  Over the years, I have spoken at over 1000 conferences and seminars around the world.  I speak on technology, leadership and business model innovation. Outside of work, I am passionate about running and helping with social causes.

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